Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More on Gratitude, 'Tis the Season After All!

"The Giving Inoculation"

·         Altruistically motivated teens are 3x happier
·         Generous behavior reduces adolescent depression and suicide risk
·         Teens who volunteer are less likely to fail a subject in school, get pregnant or abuse substances
·         Teen who volunteer are more socially competent and have higher self-esteem

The above information was used as part of the advertising campaign for a pilot program aimed at youth where I work. I am a big fan of this kind of stuff, so of course I had to use it in my own blog.

I've written several times about how important being grateful and embracing gratitude is in my life and my parenting. Seeing how being involved in a giving way can help me raise a better human being makes my heart sing. I even went on to the UC Berkeley web site and took the Gratitude Quiz. Gladly, I learned I'm walking the walk because I got 94 our of 105. Go take the quiz and tell me how you measure up. Even if you're not a 'gratitude superstar' just raising your awareness of the concept is an important step in the right direction. I even took a few moments to read the comments section, with some of whom I disagreed. No matter, at least people are talking about it. That's the whole point.

So that's my parenting advice for today. Help create win-win parenting solutions at home by talking about those things for which you are grateful. Do it while sitting around the dinner table- it's a two-for-one in family bonding!

Happy Parenting!


  1. Hi Di, nice to see you last night! I took the quiz and got 98. Kind of eye opening, thanks for bringing up the subject. Very interesting.

  2. Hey Miss Kelly! Yes, cookie swap night was a winner in my book : ) Glad to know I'm hanging out with such thoughtful and grateful folks! Thanks for posting, happy holidays! di

  3. I scored 99. I am so grateful for where I am in life and even when my boys push every button, I am grateful to be a mom. It's a great subject and I love being a volunteer where I can and want to instill that in my boys' life. Thanks for posting! Let's get together soon. :-)